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Vans Case Study


The main challenge facing the Vans Triple Crown Championship of Skating was increasing the attendance at the event. The previous year had seen 10,000 total attendees and was primarily promoted through radio and print advertising. A small street marketing campaign was also conducted, with 25,000 flyers distributed on a one-to-one basis, and 200 hundred posters posted in key retail locations.


The street marketing effort was increased substantially. 200,000 promotional postcards were distributed on a one-to-one basis in locations where the target audience congregated and 2000 posters were placed in high visibility retail locations within the skate community. Additionally, 50 high school students were given Vans' latest products in order to evangelize Vans on their high school campuses and provide additional buildup for the event.


Attendance at the event increased 100%, doubling from 10,000 people in the prior year to 20,000 people.

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