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Taco Bell Case Study


Because most Taco Bells are open until early morning, the Taco Bell corporation wanted to increase traffic to their restaurants in the late evening / early morning to drive overall food sales. Unfortunately, Taco Bell had met with limited success at increasing consumer awareness and action through conventional advertising efforts.


Since young nightclub, concert, and bar patrons were the most valuable demographic to target, they were reached through street marketing and promotions conducted by members of their peer groups. Additionally, to increase this target market's awareness of Taco Bell's open hours, the campaign was centered on a food sampling promotion, where Taco Bell food items could be redeemed through promotional cards.


The promotion was a huge success. 20,000 of the promotional cards were redeemed, which equated to a 10% response rate (20x greater than typical direct mail campaigns), significantly enhancing awareness of Taco Bell's enhanced hours and increasing food sales.

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