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Nike Case Study


To provide Nike with enhanced credibility and increased brand awareness within the alternative and extreme sports demographic.


To achieve this goal, a youth-focused skate and bike-jumping contest was conceived. The contest was to be promoted primarily through unconventional marketing techniques, rather than mainstream advertising. It was decided that this strategy would best drive action and awareness within the Southern California alternative and extreme sports market.

Video footage was collected, with highlights taken of the best skaters and bike jumpers in the local areas. The footage was posted on the Nike website, along with information about the upcoming contest. The contest was then heavily promoted on a street level basis throughout specific target markets, driving further buzz and excitement. In addition, Nike branded materials such as bracelets and frisbees were distributed at local skate parks/shops, BMX stores, sports competitions, and many other venues that consistently draw members of Nike's target market. Thousands of Nike stencils were chalked on areas outside of popular local hangouts, and a "picketing" campaign was executed with street marketers using bullhorns outside of urban music concerts to promote the contest.


The contest was heavily attended and Nike was able to significantly increase its brand awareness / image within the highly influential Southern California alternative sports market.

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