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Mountain High Case Study


Mountain High needed to differentiate its resort from its two main competitors, and climb out of its last place position in terms of season pass and day pass sales. Prior to engaging in guerrilla marketing, Mountain High solely concentrated on traditional advertising campaigns, using only radio and print advertising. Unfortunately, these efforts failed to bring it out of last place.


Mountain High decided on expanding its marketing focus to include street marketing tactics. They did this while still keeping the level of traditional advertising spending the same. To achieve a significant ticket sales increase, 100,000 Mountain High promotional pieces were distributed at nightclubs, record stores, concerts, and skate parks. In addition, 10,000 highly targeted promotional e-mails were sent to lists of known snowboard enthusiasts in the Southern California area.


Within several months of conducting this campaign, Mountain High went from the lowest selling ski resort in Southern California to the highest selling, with annual season pass sales increasing 50% from an average of 5,000 passes to 7,500. Day pass sales also increased by 50%.

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