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Due to the popularity of the first Tony Hawk video game with its hard-core fans, Activision was concerned with retaining the credibility of the Tony Hawk brand within its core audience while still maximizing sales for the release of Tony Hawk 2. The game's target market can be skeptical of overt marketing campaigns that often surround new releases. Consequently, Activision needed to concentrate on maintaining the game's "cool" factor.


In order to achieve the maximum return on investment for the release of Tony Hawk 2, while still promoting the game's brand image, the guerilla marketing campaign was conducted in conjunction with the Van's Warped Tour. For this event, Tony Hawk 2 posters, stickers, and flyers were placed in high traffic locations throughout the tour. 200,000 "teaser" games were distributed during this tour, creating high brand visibility within the target market. Also, the top ten regional U.S. were saturated with a comprehensive street marketing campaign that included coverage in record stores, skate parks, surf shops, nightclubs, colleges, and alternative retail stores.


Tony Hawk 2 game sales were 20% higher than projected expectations, resulting in over one million units sold.

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